Wednesday, January 28, 2009


No, I do not "Wanna See [Your] Pic's". I want you to stop spamming me, and to learn how to use apostrophes.

And I'm saddened that I no longer get good, funny spam subject lines like I did two years ago. Where's the creativity? Where's the pizazz? Where's the effort?


Michael said...

Maybe in Jail?

Tammy said...

Man, the improper use of apostrophe annoys me, too.

One time I got an e-mail from a guy asking, "Does anyone want to see a guy shower?"

I thought that it was spam sent from an e-mail that was never checked, you know? So I responded, "When can I see you shower?"

And he was like, "What time/day are you free? I'll set up my camera then. It turns me on when I know that there are others watching me shower."

I never responded to him after that. LOL.

Leilani said...

Awww, Katrina. Your so funny.

(picture me looking like Hobbes as he's trying not to laugh at Calvin)

Trina said...

Mike - you may have a point! My spam volume has decreased dramatically lately, thanks to a certain company or two going out of business.

Tammy - That is hilarious!!! Most of my spam is so genereic and repetitious that I never thought to respond to any. I can't believe you got a live one!

Ma - please don't *ever* pull the your/you're thing on me again. I know it was on purpose, but it's giving me twitches! I've always considered myself more of a Hobbes than a Calvin, in the comic strip sense at least.