Thursday, July 30, 2009


I know I haven't bitched about politics lately, and I'm sure you ALL were crying your eyes out over this sad fact.

But these new "deather" conspiracy nonsense really has me irritated.

First, I have to disclaim: I am NOT in favor of universal healthcare. I think socialized medicine is a BAD idea. Many rational arguments supporting this stance can be found all over the internets, or in your brain if you feel like thinking critically. That being said, I'm totally cool with the government widening the Medicaid system or providing something like a cross between Medicaid and private insurance, for those who are currently not covered.

But the notion that socialized medicine = putting the elderly on death lists?!? That is FUCKING RIDICULOUS.

I have read nowhere of the elderly being killed off by the numerous countries that currently have socialized medicine. In fact, a large number of older people in those countries have a higher quality of life (or less stress, at least!) because medical costs aren't a concern for them.

I saw far too many heartbreaking situations when I was working in pharmacy, almost all of them involving retirees who couldn't afford their medications. We often gave them massive price breaks, and did the best we could to help them figure out how to get the most medicine they could afford on their limited budgets. I can be a cold hard bitch, but even I feel that no one should have to go through that.

Even though I'm not the biggest fan of what the President and Congress are trying to do, I'm not so stupid (or aggressively blind in trying to promote my agenda) as to think - or want to make others think - that the proposed healthcare plan will be an old-people and unborn-baby killing spree. And the people trying to convince the weak-minded and ignorant otherwise should be ashamed of themselves.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ok, I'll say this

The media onslaught and speculation and everything else have brought me to this conclusion:

I feel immense pain and sympathy for the child Michael Jackson originally was. He had spirit and talent and potential, and what seemed to be a truly bright soul. I can't say what his father's abuse wrought, what the constant onslaught of media did (remember: her grew up before the paparazzi culture, and before deciding to want to be famous meant what it does today), or where his own decisions took him.

I do believe that every life has a chance to bring beauty and meaning and joy to the world, and for a time it seemed that his life might do more than many. And for that, for the lost chances and the questions and the pain surrounding his existence, I feel immense sadness.

I don't deny or disclaim anything I said before, but being reminded of the child he was, and knowing my own history, I can't help but feel some pity. I won't say what kind, as this isn't what my post is about, but the pity and sadness and the wish for something better are there.

And I do hope he is at peace.