Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Note to self

Everything is available on amazon. EVERYTHING. Usually cheaper than anywhere else online, and with free 2-day shipping (thanks to my Prime membership, which is worth its weight in gold).

Cheese? Check.

Niche perfumes? Check.

Trampolines? Check.

So why the heck am I constantly forgetting this fact and buying things on other sites, only to discover I've wasted money? No clue.

So this is my reminder to myself - when shopping online, *always* check amazon first.


Leilani said...

Tell you what: I'll remind you, you remind me! For example, it never occurred to me til today to look at Amazon for stationery and envelopes. D-U-H!!!

Gemel said...

Cheese, well I never knew that, not sure if I would buy it though.......

Trina said...

Ma - will do! I've bought a *ton* of lovely journals there. Oh, and if you're ever in the market for one, please "shop" my massive collection of unused ones before spending any money.

Gemel - well, to be honest the shipping on the cheese isn't free. It's selling through amazon, and they have an *amazing* selection of cheeses from all over the world!

Tammy said...

Yes, I am exactly the same. The other day I had a revelation, "Wow, everything really is really cheaper on Amazon!"

Upon hearing this, my boyfriend raised both arms toward the sky and started singing, "Hallelujah."