Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Return of The File Maven

I must be even more awesome than I had previously determined! Who knew?!?

My old boss called this afternoon to ask me to come back to work for the State, doing the same job I did before. I was sleeping (of course - I AM nocturnal) so I didn't get the call, but Chris did. They want me back so bad they'll give me more money AND let me work from home!!! YAY!!! That was my main issue with working before - my erratic sleeping pattern didn't mesh well with the 9-to-5 working world. The sticking point was always me taking the files home to work on them, since technically it's not allowed (and possibly illegal). But they need them organized, and want me to be the one to do it so much that they're going to let me. And THEY offered! I didn't even talk to her, so all the info was what she relayed to Chris.

In case it wasn't obvious, I'm *definitely* going to do it. We don't NEED the money, but it'll be nice to have the extra for Christmas shopping (and that time IS fast approaching), and just nice to be able to spend more freely, like I did when I was working before. Not that I intend to go crazy - we really need to pay down our larger debts so we can get out of this townhouse one of these days - but I also won't have to feel quite so guilty when I DO buy things.
Seriously though, it just feels SO good to be needed and wanted in a professional capacity! I knew I kicked ass at my job, and that my supervisors and coworkers felt the same way, but having it reaffirmed like this just makes my week! Hell, maybe even my month!


Kate said...

Yay! You rock. :-)

katiedid said...

Dang, how awesome is that? Good for you, that is great news! That'd make my month, too :)