Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Americans Can Do Anything"

Yes, Bobby Jindal, like ELECT BARACK OBAMA. The guy whose economic plan we support in a majority that vastly overwhelms those who actually believe the moronic talking points you just spouted.

Here's the thing - as I've said, I am pretty fiscally conservative. There are a LOT of programs/projects in the stimulus bill that I think should either be eliminated in general, or seriously re-vamped before we throw more money at them. You know what? I also hate spending $5 - 6 for a gallon of milk. But I do, every time, to buy organic. Because not only does it benefit me immediately, but it also has a positive global effect. The organic certification/regulation system is far from perfect, and I could easily spend less on "regular" milk. But I refuse to save myself a few dollars now in an unwillingness to at least try to invest in a better future for myself and the world around me.

And until the GOP grasps this concept, they will continue down their road to dinosaur-hood.


Michael said...

I didn't see what he said. And I couldn't find it in the news. Can you post a link?


Trina said...

Here you go:


I don't know if you watch 30 Rock, but if so, be prepared for a LOT of Kenneth-channeling. Other folks argue that he's more like Mr. Rogers (I disagree). Either way, it's sad and totally NOT a response to the Not-State-Of-The-Union address by Obama. I don't think Jindal even *listened* to it, being so busy prepping on talking points.

If my link doesn't work, let me know and I'll try to figure out how to email it to you.