Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wine + CNN

= donations to the Obama/Biden campaign. I can't wait till my magnet gets here!

I'm so glad there are journalists (and blogs) picking apart political speeches now. The one time I did it (was it almost 3 years ago already?!?) it was a lot of work and infuriated me. I'd much rather hang out on Jezebel and snark with a bunch of likeminded folks who are as in-the-moment outraged as I!

Kiki, I hope you have an extra room or two available in case things go to shit in November!


Rob Tornoe said...

Did you donate to the McCain campaign b/c you were so impressed with the hockey mom?

Trina said...

Dude. Don't make me beat your ass the next time I see you.

CrazyBunnyLady said...

Go Obama!!!

Tammy said...

Obama 2008! Because I want a smart president this time. :-P

Trina said...

CrazyBunny & Tammy: