Saturday, January 28, 2006


Questions and notions that have crossed my mind of late...

If we live in such a male-dominated society, why is it that men are yelled at for leaving the toilet seat up, instead of women being to blame for not returning it to the upright position?

I absolutely HATE when people pronounce teat as "teet". I know it's considered a correct pronunciation, but it didn't used to be. Then again, I went to school hearing, "Ain't ain't a word" and now it's in the freaking dictionary :~P It's "tit" people! You might not want to say it that way, but that's the historically correct pronunciation. Now quit being squeamish.

I continue to love Jason Priestley, and will watch pretty much any show (or tv movie) that he's in at least once.

I also love tv shows that are narrated by the main character. At least, they weigh in a little more positively than those that aren't.

Why is it that the *best* indicator that I've used my inhaler correctly is the fucking hand tremors? Couldn't I just briefly turn a shade of orange or something?

I don't know why, or where/how my mind/heart draws the distinction, but there are some people who I just like, and when (like right now) I'm in the middle of a massive perfume-packaging extravaganza, I tend to give them preference in terms of sending something that multiple people want. I'm not talking about people I've established a friendship with off the board, or even necessarily people I'm particularly chatty with on the board. And I'm not trying to establish a closer relationship. It's just that if I have to choose between 2 or more people when I'm sending a sample to a new home, these people tend to win out.

I recently discovered why the the Jitterbug was so popular - they were clapping ass back in the 30's! I feel woefully ignorant...

Why do I get so *personally* happy about things that have nothing to do with me? Like hearing the latest Depeche Mode single on tv shows. I have no personal stake in their success, yet my happiness hearing them played so widely goes beyond the fact that they're one of my favorite bands and I love hearing their music. It's not that their continued success means a higher likelihood that they'll keep making music together (though that DOES make me happy). I get happy FOR them, in some weird way, that they're still going strong. Like I'm their mom or something.

My current favorite quote: "Help control the local pet population. Teach your dog abstinence" - Stephen Colbert

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Atreau said...

I like being happy for other people too and sad for them as well.

Like Jennifer Aniston. Everyone is going on and on about the who Brangelina thing and how happy they are for them and I'm so sad for Jennifer.

I think Brad's a total ass and I wish upon him a beer belly! He's evil!

Anyhow, I miss Tru Calling. I kinda like Jason being evil! Did you see him on InStyle's Wedding program? I wanted to hug him! ♥