Tuesday, January 03, 2006

And they say poetry is a dying art...

The universe has thrown a number of stripper-related references in my path over the past 24 hours. Cases in point:



So after that second thread, I'm in the car headed to the store when the following song comes on the radio. I'm pretty sure it's not intended as a joke.

I'm N Love (Wit A Stripper) - by T-Pain ("lyrics" found on http://azlyrics.com/)

Goddamn Lil Mama
U know u thick as hell u know what im sayin
Matter fact
After the club u know what im talkin bout
Me and my niggas gone be together u know what im sayin
I aint gon worry bout them really though
Im just lookin at u
Yea u know
U got them big ass hips god damn!

[Verse 1]
Got the body of a goddess
Got eyes butter pecan brown I see you girl
Droppin Low
She Comin Down from the ceiling
To tha floo
Yea She Know what she doin
Yea yea yea
She doin that right thang
Yea yea yea yea ea
I Need to get her over to my crib and do that night thang
Cause I'm N Luv wit a stripper

[Chorus x2]
She poppin she rollin she rollin
She climbin that pole and
Im N Luv with a stripper
She trippin she playin she playin
Im not goin nowhere girl im stayin
Im N Luv with a stripper

[Verse 2]
Out of all the girls she be the hottest
Like n the way she break it down I see u girl
Spinnin wide
And She lookin at me
Right in my eyes
Yea She got my attention
yea yea yea
Did I forget to mention
I Need to get her over to my crib and do that night thang
Cause Im N Luv Wit a Stripper

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
She can pop it she can lock it
Teddy Pendegrass down I'm bout to see this sexy girl
In My bed
She don't know what she is doin
To my head
Yea She turnin tricks on me
Yea Yea Yea
She dont even know me
Yea yea yea ea
I'd have got her over to my crib to do that night thing
Cause I'm N Luv Wit a Stripper

I didn't think it was possible to top "My Humps" (By the Black Eyed Peas, may they burn in perpetuity), but I'm pretty sure this song is worse. It's hard to convey how truly terrible it is here, but it may help to mention that it was sung in that overwrought R&B style often favored by Usher and his ilk.

I'm going to buy myself a motorcycle and become one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Terrible Song Lyrics. Definitely trumps Grievous Bodily Harm.


cjblue said...

I *need* to hear that song - holy cow, that's bad.

I see you haven't yet bought those shoes though...what are you waiting for? :D

cjblue said...

PS - my daughter's elementary teacher wanted me to let you know that she recently attended a Bon Jovi concert. This is what passes for cool in NJ, but I'm rolling with it.

I admit, I still feel a quickening in my loins when I hear the first few bars of "Shot Throught the Heart" No matter how hard I try to fight it, I'm truly a Jersey girl.

Kyahgirl said...

LOL Trina! I can hear that in my head. Are you sure its not done in Rap? I can hear it, I can see the weird hand gestures, the whole thing. So very, very, bad!

Happy new year. Good luck with WW. One day at a time buddy.
[p.s. to answer your question on my blog-its not a bonafide detox program, just my version of getting back on the healthy wagon]

Patty said...

K-fed's new song is worse, definitely, honest. Don't listen, you'll put ice pickes in your ears just to make it stop.

katiedid said...

Good lord, am I ever glad I've missed that one so far. So far. Why is it that the more inane a song is, the more popular it becomes, and not for ironic or sarcastic reasons, either.