Monday, January 23, 2006

I am a child

I know any good shrink could explain why I'm in so many ways immature. Hell, *I* can explain it. The negative impacts of some of my life experiences are massive and far-reaching. One of those results is that I am not an adult, emotionally. But I see no real need to "grow up", "act my age", or in any way conform to any of the other myriad euphemisms out there for NOT being a kid. I'm able to experience things with a wonder I find sadly lacking on most "adult" perspectives, and my humor is equally childish. I can giggle till my belly hurts at the most inane things, like going frame-by-frame on poor Jennaphr Frederick (because while she's a decent-looking person, she makes some AWFUL faces when viewed that way). God, I love TiVo!

Which brings me to the purpose of this brief post. As I've said in the past, I *love* tv. I like all kinds of shows, especially medical dramas. Some medical dramas are excellent - from a technical/medical correctness AND character perspective, House is hands-down THE best. Others are so bad, they make me yell at the tv - I thank God that Medical Emergency was canceled! And then there are those that are mediocre/passable, but allow for a totally different sort of amusement. Like Crossing Jordan. For anyone with a quick eye and/or TiVo, this show is an excellent source of entertainment. Hell – it would be great fodder for a college drinking game! I would give the game a title that honors one of my all-time favorite movies – Monty Python and the Holy Grail – and call it "I'm Not Dead Yet!"

The game is simple – watch the show, and any time a corpse moves in some way, everyone drinks. Seriously – is there NO editing??? Are the extras THAT bad? How many takes would it require to get a shot where the dead body DOESN'T twitch in some way? Clearly the cost of editing/hiring decent extras/filming further takes is more than the producers are willing to spend, because the damn cadavers are ALWAYS moving. Breathing and eyelid twitching are the most common tics, but there are others to be found if one is observant. You can play this game with any of the CSI series too, but Crossing Jordan is the real gold mine. And now that it's in syndication on A&E, there are even more opportunities to participate!

See you on the playground!


Kyahgirl said...

I love MP and the Holy Grail too, there were so many hilarious parts!!
I don't watch much TV but I'll be sure to keep an extra keen out for those twitching corpses now :-)

Trina said...

Do! One of the bodies on CSI last night was still breathing :~D