Friday, January 04, 2008

A Little Trick

Wow! I never knew so many people were as obsessed with their knees and elbows as I am! Something I should have mentioned in my Best of Beauty post that slipped my mind is just for moisturizing these difficult areas. My dear friend, the always-delightful Sand, shared it with me (I think she said she got it from Tyra) after I confessed my elbow-preoccupation on the frag board.

You know how they have special gloves and socks for moisturizing your hands and feet? Make some for your joints! Take a pair of socks - I use the über-plushy kind you can get at Target and other such spots, which are often called "spa" socks - and cut off the toes. Voilà! Elbow/knee gloves! The little bend the manufacturers put in for your heel is perfect for housing your knees/elbows. Obviously, you need socks that go beyond those super-low anklets they make. I slather the moisturizer of choice on the desired location, roll on the socks, and go to bed (or just let them marinate, depending on when I do this). Works like a charm!

I currently have some lovely soft blue-and-white socks on my elbows. I hope the sweetie who gave them to me doesn't mind my re-purposing! They make such cute little elbow warmers, and I know the results will be wonderful!

This will probably be the only DIY tip y'all ever get from me. Enjoy!

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