Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I'm not sure why, but for the past few days the blogosphere has been eating comments. Several comments I made on other peoples' blogs disappeared, and several comments that came through to my email from my "Favorite Things 2007" post have also vanished (and they weren't "removed by author").

So. If you left a comment on my blog and it's now nowhere to be found, I'm sorry! It wasn't removed by me - I haven't deleted a single comment from here in over a year (when I switched to word recognition to avoid spamments). If the spirit moves you, please comment again! I know one person asked a question, about the zit-zappers I think, and it's not there anymore. And since I have a terrible memory, I don't remember what the question was or who wrote it. But I'd be happy to answer it, if you want to try again!

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