Thursday, February 23, 2006


Jeez Louise! I just went to itunes to satisfy my Arctic Monkeys curiosity (thanks Mireille!) and was greeted with yet ANOTHER sign of the end times:

I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper) is #4!!! Seriously, WHAT is wrong with people??? I'm not claiming to have the *best* taste in music, but seriously. Enough is enough. Please, Lord, do NOT let this song reach #1 on ANY chart other than my "Seriously Stupid Songs" list...

And although only tangentially related to this post, I have to say this: Arctic Monkeys may be lyrically talented (I'm still digging through their lyrics so I can't speak to that), but musically they suck. Sorry if there are any fans out there, but I'm simply speaking my truth. The vocals are beyond substandard, their range is laughable (I think they may perform in a generous maximum of 3 keys), and the instrumentals are a sad sad joke on me, the listener.

I don't know if I feel relieved, because I really don't know WHAT I'd do if "the next Beatles" actually came along, or sad that they don't even APPROACH a caliber where I'd have to question my faith/values/taste. As much as I adore the Fab Four, I honestly pray that someone comes along someday to challenge (and maybe even surpass) their place in music history, but today is not the day, and Arctic Monkeys are not the group to do so. So to whoever it was that hailed them as such: buy some damn q-tips.


mireille said...

oh good. they're not the next Beatles. I wasn't imagining it. xoxo

Trina said...

LOL! Hardly. Although I really don't think it's fair to ANY group, to be called "the next Beatles". Considering the length of time (and evolutionary process) it took for the Lads to become *The Beatles*, I doubt we'll be able to recognize a group on par with them until we can look at things retrospectively.

Rain said...

It would be a touching song if you were N Love Wit A Stripper as would the song "Perfect Gentleman" by Wyclef Jean. Here is the chorus for your viewing pleasure:

Just 'cuz she dances go-go
It don't make her a ho, no
Maxine, put your dance shoes on
We going to the disco
We gonna eeelope to Meeeexico
Called up my mama, said I'm in love with a stripper, yo

Apparently it pretty common to fall in love with strippers these days. Now I'm off to work on my poppin' and rollin'!! ;o)

cjblue said...

Hmmm. I was tempted to check out the Arctic Monkeys but now, not so much. Wyclef Jean though...I'm a little disappointed.

Thanks for a big of music critique and musical lemming slaying.

Trina said...

Happy to be of service, Ruthie! I was just telling Chris over the weekend - whoever does the lead vocals for AM is so bad, he makes Billie Joe sound like one of the freaking Three Tenors! It's torturous, truly! For someone who can't listen to a band with a whiny, nasal lead "singer", anyway.

And just for you:

My bonny Ruth she smelleth,
Making the frag hags jealouth

Fa... fa la la la fa la la la
Fa la la! Faaaa laaaa...

She wears her French Can Can
Whenever she can can!

Fa... fa la la la fa la la la
Fa la la! Faaaa laaaa...


Sali said...

Hi, Trina! Love your blog. Have you heard my new song, "Freaky Fraggy Ho"? It's a socially conscious song about world peace that l'm gonna pitch to A&R. Wish me luck!! It's either Rap with obscene lyrics or Punk Rock with a murder theme. Sensationalism reigns!

cjblue said...

Sali, Freaky Fraggy Ho? ROFL!

Sali said...