Sunday, July 10, 2011

Still here!

Thanks to a very thought-provoking (in a good way!) comment, I was reminded that I do have a blog and am once again neglecting it.

We're making excellent progress on squaring away our finances in order to get out of this house, and we have a contractor coming on Monday to get started on a few small-ish projects that are necessary for selling. I'm re-acclimating to having a husband after losing Chris to a never-to-be-repeated (AKA Trina will get her passport) 3 week stint in Australia.

A good bit of our free weekend time is tied up with soccer - we have season tickets to the Philadelphia Union again this year, and it's a TON of fun!

Currently, we're both anxiously awaiting the release of A Dance With Dragons. It's due on the 12th, and we pre-ordered the hardback AND kindle editions. Our 10-year wedding anniversary is the 14th and I have a feeling we'll be at the restaurant waiting for our food, both madly reading away on our kindles. Not that I object to this,I just hope Morimoto doesn't take offense to an apparent disinterest in his cuisine. I'm psyched to be going back for the awesomeness served there, I just can't say that it's more exciting than a return to Westeros.

Speaking of Westeros, I don't often plug other blogs, but I'm making an exception. I don't know the wonderful people behind this blog, but we've cooked a bunch of their recipes (all awesome) and enjoyed the food and also its tie to Martin's universe. If you want to cook Ice & Fire-inspired foods, or amazing cuisine based on foods of eras long gone (or just fabulous food you haven't seen recipes for because it's esoteric), please check out I could vouch for individual recipes, but at this point now there are so many and I'm so picky that it would be kinda weird. Unlike many "celebrity" chefs with cookbooks, these folks have tested their recipes and found them delicious, and I can only co-sign.

I've been testing new perfumes, but mostly settling into a few that I know and love, and I'm ok with that. I'd rather love and test than be constantly hunting for new loves. I've latched onto several HG's, and am roaming around them, versus wandering far afield to sniff every new thing. I have never been more content in the perfume department.

I haven't left, and I'm sorry I'm not better about posting. But I'm here, alive, happy, and enjoying my NOW. And it is good.


Gemel said...

Glad to hear your still here :)

Kyahgirl said...

I haven't been around for awhile but I'm glad I popped by to hear about your updated plans and that you're feeling good.

You know Trina, I'm still processing my sister's death in March and a lot of my life has been revolving around helping my Mom move on (literally and figuratively-she HAS to move out of my sister's house and she is in terrible denial and resistance).

take care

Trina said...

Gemel - likewise! And in case I haven't said it clearly enough before, I treasure beyond words the view of the universe through your eyes that you share so generously.

L - I only know second-hand how hard that is (my aunt passed away a few years ago, which I only obliquely mentioned here) and I saw how my dad had to handle things with her husband and my grandparents. Honestly, I think my grandparents still haven't recovered and that a lot of their physical issues stem from the emotional trauma. But that branch of the family isn't so good about talking about things. I hope it goes better for you and your mother. (((L)))