Saturday, June 27, 2009


I have pissed people off here before, and probably will do so again now.

I am not sorry Michael Jackson is dead. Not at all.

From the perspective (music/talent) in which he is currently being commemorated? No. He was *marginally* talented musically. He was a "star" and an "icon", but as far as actual talent, he was pathetically lacking. Genius? Please. I'm sorry, but no. Look at Beethoven. Look at Freddie Mercury. Hell, look at Josh freaking Groban. MJ had some moves, but so do a lot of folks. He could falsetto, as can a bunch of others. JT might have been inspired by him, but he takes it way farther and much hotter.

But for me, the main point is and has been for a long time now that he was a child molester. And as someone who was molested as a child, all this posthumous fawning and forgiveness is painful and disgusting. Yes, I know he was never convicted in criminal court. But the testimony of his victims, along with the well-documented civil settlements, leaves no question in my mind.

The world lost a pop figure and a pedophile. Forgive me if I don't prostrate myself in anguish.


Anonymous said...

I agree so does K he was just a entertainer big deal. the thing I am glad he is dead for is one less molestor is walking the earth. Good ,the world is a little safter now he is not her or should I saw children of the world! Kiki

Anonymous said...

Cleaning up mistakes made in post on line 4/sorry I am writing this post 1 minute after waking . Little safer now he is not HERE or should I say the children of the world are safer now. He was a creep & pedophile KIKI KOO

Tammy said...

Exactly! I talked shit about MJ while he was alive just like everyone right here did, so I'm not about to switch around and praise him just because it's the "in" thing to do now (since everyone and their grandma is updating their Facebook statuses with MJ-related posts). Puh-lease.

Tammy said...

Oh, Trina, marry me! LOL.

Leilani said...

Me, I'm so old, I remember when he was black. And a boy.

I hope only that the poor freak is finally at rest and at peace. He certainly didn't have much of either while he was on this side of the ground.

CrazyBunnyLady said...

I am so with you.

Sougen said...

Hi, I came across your blog just now and saw this.
I too am not sorry that he is dead. It seems that now that he's gone people seem to forget that he was once a child-molester, all they talk about is how talented he was blah blah. It just doesn't seem right to me :(