Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Our neighbors are trying to kill us

Seriously. It is 77° in our house, and the heat hasn't kicked in since 2 pm! How can this be? We live in a townhouse that's an internal unit, and our neighbors on one side (or both sides) apparently feel the need to blast their heat. Great for our heating bill, not so much so for our physical comfort.

If it's the people in the end unit, I feel a little bad for them. Their heating bill must be astronomical! But they're the ones that have screaming fights weekly, if not more often, so my sympathy is limited. For real - I've been tempted to call the cops on them more than once and report a domestic disturbance. How can people live like that?

If it's the neighbors on the other side, I just don't get it. Are they warm weather natives who ended up in Delaware by accident? Are they crazy? Or are they leaking heat into our house via the holes they put IN THE FIREWALL to hang pictures? That's right! We have big front windows, and it's easy to see into theirs. Those fuckers hung giant framed pictures on the walls we were plainly told not to hang things from when we got this place! I know they're the third or fourth family to live there (whereas we/Chris bought this place when it was being built), but shouldn't that kind if thing be disclosed when selling? I know other people in the neighborhood do it too - again, big windows and I'm not a *total* hermit - but that doesn't make it right. I may not be the best neighbor in the world, but I haven't done anything that makes them more likely to lose their homes should mine catch fire!

I'm just saying. It's damn hot in my house, and it's not my fault.

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soksemo said...

LMBO! Oh, honey, I don't mean to laugh, but that last line...

Oh, I remember having neighbors from Hell in Calif. Here?...well, it's...different.

My neighbor got some beautiful chickens last spring. I decided I wanted to meet the chickens.
I went & knocked on his door. "Lovely hens and roosters, may I go talk to them?" "sure." We walk over and he shows me how they like apples, tells me that some were "eating hens." I grimaced and wanted reassurance that the rest were going to remain.
He said yes, they were to be layers.

I've been terribly worried about them over this winter. They have a small house, I don't know if they're warm...I worry.
What am I going to do, kidnap the hens? I've considered it. Two dogs, a barn full of red squirrels (survivalists, those lil suckers) and twenty-five chickens. why not.

anyway, I'm saying goodbye and he says "my name is Glen."
Course I knew this already, as I've been his neighbor for over ten years!!

Horrible, yelling neighbors, and/or neighbors that don't know you from Eve.
What happened to borrowing a cup of sugar? Or actually finding a friend in a neighbor?

Hope they turn down the heat, babe.