Monday, August 06, 2007

An open letter...

to writers, editors, and publishers across the globe:

If a person is overcome by pain - be it physical, emotional, psychic, etc. - or fever or doubt, said person is "wracked". They are NOT "racked". Yes, these feelings might be excruciating, but they aren't actually taking the person in question, placing them on a medieval torture device, and stretching them by their limbs. Nor are they taking said person and placing him/her on a green felt table in a triangular pen with a bunch of balls in preparation for a game of billiards. Feelings can't do these things. They are feelings.

I am so unbelievably sick of seeing this [typo? poor word choice? I don't know what to call it] in books. Granted, it's not exactly high-minded literature (I see it most often in romance novels), but still. Get it together, people!

A Disgruntled Reader

P.S. I am aware that certain dictionaries disagree with me on this matter (I'm looking at you, American Heritage Dictionary). They are assholes. The same assholes who added "ain't" to their lexicon(s), despite years of teachers everywhere telling students that, "Ain't ain't a word."


Anonymous said...

I am racked with guilt ... hahah

So do why do people insist on using the phrase "treatment modality" this is perhaps the most stupid phrase ever used by intelligent individuals

hi from cali

Trina said...

Hi! I dislike that phrase too - I much prefer "treatment protocol" or "therapeutic regimen".