Friday, October 20, 2006

Former Glory

There it is. My hair. Well, 12 inches of it anyway. Soon to be mailed off to Locks of Love, hopefully to make someone else very happy.

And - shock of shocks - I *love* my new haircut! It's a chin-length bob, nice and swingy and slightly longer in the front - just enough for a ponytail. It was cute the day I got it when the hairdresser blew it out, but when I washed it and let it air-dry (my usual "style") yesterday, it actually looked even better!

I'm kicking myself because years ago, when my hair was its current length, it looked terrible. I mean terrible! I used a blow-dryer, curling irons, hair gel, hair spray, mousse, and anything else I could think of to get it to do what I wanted. And it never did. Who freaking knew that if I would have just washed it and left it alone, it would have been perfect???

So, to my hair: I apologize for bad-mouthing you all these years. To everyone else: go crazy and let your hair do what it wants for a day - you might be pleasantly surprised!


Trina's hair said...

I forgive you

Kyahgirl said...

you're a kind woman! it was so nice to see you at my place the other day.