Thursday, August 18, 2005


My fucking uterus is killing me!!! I know I'm not ovulating (already had those lovely back-stabbing sensations last week). It's just cramping to be a bitch and make me suffer. Tell me again why I need a reproductive system?


Atreau said...

I enjoy being a girl three weeks out of the month! I hate my uterus! This month was really the worst, the cramps will do you in everytime!

Trina said...

They do! When I was in my teens, my cramps were so bad I'd have to stay home from school - I literally couldn't get out of bed. They're still pretty bad today, but a long stint on depo-provera did a lot of permanent things to my body, one of the few positives being to diminish the cramps.

When I first saw that uterus pouch on your blog, my immediate thought was, "Yay! I'll remove my uterus and keep it in that pouch!" LOL!